Friday, October 15, 2021


We need our members now – More than ever £470 to go 

As you know, our normal fund raising cycle has been interrupted a bit this year after our abortive move to a forum format which was almost universally unpopular with the SFM community. We also didn’t manage to achieve our target in January/February which has resulted in us going into the red for the first time in several years.

After nine years of existence as a non-partisan website and blog (relatively unique to the soccer blogosphere), SFM is still one of the most influential and informative sources of news and analysis in Scottish Football. We still strive to get an honest account of the affairs of the game and to hold the powers at Hampden to account.

In those years we have cast a spotlight on the errors, inconsistencies and deliberate misinformation peddled by the MSM on matters related to our national game. We have helped to expose succulent lamb journalism – and we will continue to do so.

However, things have gotten a little critical fund-wise over that period, and consequently, we now appeal to you, if you value the resource that is SFM, to help keep us afloat. Our costs have gone down a bit over the last few months, but we are still around £1500 short of where we would like to be.

We are therefore setting a target of £1000 to help get us through to February 2022, and we would ask you to please consider donating using the button below – or by going to our Donations Page. 

Of course we know that there are ever growing demands and pleas for funds from online sources. That said, we still have £470 to go, so we hope if you CAN help, you will.

SFM content or participation is not hidden behind any paywall, and there are no ‘Subscriber-Only’ bonuses. The truth has to be available to all of us regardless. That is our our overarching aim.

We are, as always grateful for your continued support.

SFM is grateful for your help which allows it to continue its work. You can donate a monthly amount using the “Subscribe” button below, or you can donate a single amount, by using the “Donate” button. If you prefer not to use PayPal, SFM now has a bank account to enable non-PayPal donations.

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SFM is a community of football fans who want to see the game in Scotland run fairly and in a manner that befits true sporting endeavour